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  • Nicole Vykoukal, LCSW

3 Tips for Exploring and Interpreting the Ancient Wisdom of Animals and Nature

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Nicole Vykoukal, LCSW

Our fast-paced world can take us away from the instinctual and inherent wisdom we hold within. Many of us are stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. Set aside time to connect with nature and be free from phone or computer distractions.

Being in nature and approaching time outside with a sense of curiosity may help you connect with a sense of wonder, discover your inner sacred knowing, find you primal wisdom, and increase your resilience.

Tips for exploring and interpreting animals and nature:

1. Watch an animal or insect and think about what qualities and strengths the animal has. What is the animal doing? Is there lesson or message from the animal that you can apply to yourself and your current situation? For instance, observe the way a hawk, vulture, or eagle seems to effortlessly soar and surf the sky with its wings wide in the air. Can you feel the strength, openness, and precision of the hawk in your body? Can you approach problems or relationships with the energy and strengths of the hawk?

2. Be with the trees and plants, gaze at the sky, touch the rocks, dirt, and sand, and observe insects and animals.

3. Watch the streams and oceans, dig in the ground, connect with the primitive, feel the sun on your body, take a deep breath of fresh outside air. Notice the qualities of these elements.

4. Know that the lesson or message an animal has for you may be different than the meaning or message for another person. Your message will resonate within.

Exploring and observing nature can help you find solace within yourself, provide a sense of wonder, and awaken insights and lessons that touch you on a deep soul level. Give it a try. See what you notice, what shifts within you, and what you experience.

“Find out if they awaken a remembrance within yourself and your body of an ancient instinctual bond between you, nature, and animals.” Chris Luttichau, Animal Spirit Guides

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