“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” 
― C.G. Jung 

About My Services & My Approach

I am a psychotherapist and yoga teacher with over 12 years of experience and training in trauma, bereavement, grief, the human-animal bond, and body-mind-spirit wellness.


Ancient and wholistic wellness practices combined with modern evidence-based practices provide relief when you are suffering. 


To help you cope with anxiety, depression, grief, and/or big life transitions, I integrate meditation, yoga, animals, nature, and trauma-informed mind-body-spirit interventions such as mindful breathing, guided visualization, and Brainspotting


Educated in the science of the human brain, behavior, and relationships, I use the latest neuroscience to explore why you may adopt less than ideal coping behavior and relational styles.


My specialties are grief and loss (including pet loss), anxiety, depression, trauma, and people who consider themselves highly sensitive and/or intuitive. 


My approach resonates with people who are intuitive, empathetic and crave a deeper, relational, and more intuitive approach to psychotherapy and healing.  


My office is located in East Austin and provides a psychotherapy setting that feels less clinical. My office waiting "room" is in the yard- where you can listen to the birds chirping and breathe in nature before your session. I find that officeing in a less clinical setting can lead to a feeling of expansion and healing for your mind-heart-soul. 


I look forward to supporting you and helping you thrive. 



Sessions Are Currently Held By Video or Phone


At some point in their life, every human experiences loss, illness, stress, and heartbreak. Psychotherapy can help.


Keeping in mind that stressors and our experiences are held in our minds and hearts, as well as our bodies, I integrate mind-body-soul interventions into psychotherapy sessions to enhance the talk therapy process and enable you to work at a deeper, more integrative level that supports lasting change.

My goal is to help you find ways to thrive no matter what you are facing. 


I am not in network with any health insurance companies. Upon request, I will issue you a receipt. Consider asking your insurer about out-of-network benefits and/or working with a psychotherapist who is in network with your health insurance carrier. 

Rocks stacked up on a hiking trail


If your companion animal has died or you need support coping with anticipatory grief and end of life pet life decisions, I am here to help you cope. 


As a lifelong animal lover and animal advocate, and the mother of a cat, dogs, and chickens, I appreciate the unique and significant bond you have with your animal companion. 


I can help you transform your grief and find your inner strength.


I am not in network with any health insurance companies. Upon request, I will issue you a receipt. Consider asking your insurer about out-of-network benefits and/or working with a psychotherapist who is in network with your health insurance carrier. 

A woman and her dog
A dog in a hammock


In his early life, Snoop ran the streets of East Austin with a wild chihuahua gang.


In the winter of 2011, I invited him off the streets and into my home (my friends and family thought I was crazy for doing so because I already had 2 dogs and a cat) and Snoop hasn’t left since.


Snoop worked hard to reform from life on the streets. With training, he earned his canine good citizen certificate. He has worked as a therapy dog for sexual assault survivor support groups and worked as a therapy dog in nursing homes and on a memory care unit.  


Snoop often accompanies me to the office, bringing comfort, joy, and a deep sense of attunement to the room.


If you would rather Snoop stay home, please let me know so he can take the hour off.

Help For The Highly Sensitive Person

15-20% of the population is considered "highly sensitive," a trait found equally in both men and women.


I am trained in Dr. Judith Orloff's (the author of many books on highly sensitive people) work. My work with people who are highly sensitive is rooted primarily in Dr. Elaine Aron and Dr. Judith Orloff's frameworks. 

Do you have the high sensitivity trait?

1. You notice other people's moods, subtle social interactions, or smells, sounds or little nuances that other people don't.

2. You become overwhelmed, overstimulated or drained when things are too intense, complex, or chaotic. 

3. You have been told you're too sensitive, too shy or need thicker skin. 

4. You were told you were abnormal for being so sensitive or told you were wrong when you noticed subtleties.


The brains of highly sensitive people actually operate a little differently and research has shown their brains process information more deeply.

Contact me to schedule your first appointment. I can help you uncover your HSP gifts and find ways to cope.


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